The hobby is back

I got a little cynical posting about bad espresso and cafes. Working in a coffee shop also as made me cynical as to how others prepare and drink their coffee.

It’s time to step back. Time to go back to my roots of just plain liking coffee and coffee shops. Stop being so critical and just enjoy.

I’m not going to watch the barista and see if my drink will taste badly before it even shows up. I’m going to order and sit and enjoy. If the coffee is bad, then I know to not go there again. At least I will have enjoyed the experience while I was there.

With this in mind, I did find a sweet new-to-me coffee shop in Gunbarrel- Tod’s espresso. It’s small, it’s comfortable, and it’s all about the coffee. A few good baked goods were surrounded by 2 Synesso’s and several grinders. They serve Concious Coffee (yum) and my espresso was great. I enjoyed being there and I’ll go again for sure.

I’m excited to be back to being excited about cafe’s and trying new coffees.


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